Emil Privér

Hey! My name is Emil Privér, I write about stuffs I learn and build. I am a software developer who likes exploring stuffs and writing articles.

Rust: Memory Management

Rust is an amazing low-level language that empowers users to work directly with memory. It provides developers with both thread-safety and memory safety, which are fantastic features. This post is all about working with memory in Rust and covers interesting topics such as the stack, heap, and the .clone() method. Rust keeps its promise of ensuring memory safety to developers through its ownership system. Unlike other systems languages that rely on garbage collection or require manual memory management, Rust intelligently manages memory through a system of ownership rules that the program must follow in order to compile....

November 27, 2023 · 11 min

Running Migrations To Google Cloud SQL Database From Github Actions

For a hobby project, I am using Google Cloud as my hosting provider. Recently, I built a way to run migrations from GitHub actions to my Cloud SQL Database using DBmate. However, my database is running within a VPC, which makes it difficult to connect to the database as it is within a private network with a firewall that does not accept traffic from the outside world. Fortunately, I found three potential solutions to this issue....

October 16, 2023 · 7 min

Opam: Package Manager on Steroids?

Opam Hey there! I’ve been exploring OCaml and I have to admit, I don’t know what I feel about opam yet. As far as I understand, opam is a package manager or environment of some kind. We’ll discuss opam in more detail and share my thoughts on it later. But before we dive into that, let me provide you with some information about OCaml. Short about OCaml OCaml, also known as Objective Caml, is a programming language that is widely recognized for its awesome type inference, functional programming features, and static type checking....

October 12, 2023 · 4 min

Goroutines: The Espresso Shots of Programming

Hey there! 👋 I wanted to dive deeper into Goroutines and share some insights I’ve gained from my readings. If you’re familiar with the programming language Go, you probably already know what I’m referring to. If not, I recommend researching it on DuckDuckGo before continuing with this article. In this post, I will discuss Goroutines, a feature of the Go runtime that allows for convenient utilization of multiple threads and enables concurrent execution in Go....

October 3, 2023 · 10 min

The internet cable that birthed the command movement

It was early 2019, and most Swedes were on their way to work, maybe having coffee, or like me, coding an e-commerce site while enjoying my green monster energy drink. An article published by Computer Sweden revealed that “2.7 million recorded calls to 1177 Vårdguiden were completely unprotected on the internet”. According to Computer Sweden, they discovered 2.7 million recorded voice calls on a publicly accessible server dating back to 2013....

September 20, 2023 · 6 min