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Hi, im Emil Privér. Software developer with a focus backend, love tech, serverless, distributed systems, and trying new stuff.

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Kodsnack : Borskämd av Google, med Emil Privér

We talked about how e-commerce looks today and how we work with e-com sites today to be able to scale and so on. We also talked about search engines we use and how we work with them.

Tags: headless, e-commerce, search enginesPublished in: Swedish

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This is a small post about this portfolio and how it’s build and why I chose this technology. This page is build using Gatsby, a Static Site…

Sitemap with NextJS after 9.4 update.

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Nextjs have done some changes since last post that I wrote. Since then was getStaticProps, getStaticPaths and getServerSidedProps introduced…

Docker(Docker-compose) + Wordpress/Bedrock.

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This is a small article on how you can work with Docker and Wordpress(bedrock) to be able to host an wordpress site inside a docker machine…