Emil Privér

  • Phone: I’m happy to give you my phonenumber in a mail
  • Email: emil@priver.se
  • Location: Göteborg, Sweden
  • Personal Website: priver.dev


I am a self-taught software engineer from Göteborg, Sweden, with a profound interest in engineering and software development. I have gained experience in several areas since I started programming. These involve creating product searches for e-commerce websites, building data pipelines, and designing scalable payout systems capable of handling thousands of payouts simultaneously. In my spare time, I primarily read about technology, work on hobby projects, and explore new concepts within programming.


  • High School, Summer 2018
    • System Developer, Varberg
    • Studied to be a system engineer but found the school’s teaching methods not aligned with my learning style. I often took the assignment and built it “my way,” meaning I did research and then built the solution.


  • Software Engineer, March 2024 - Ongoing

    • CarbonCloud, Göteborg
    • Building a platform to help companies become more climate-neutral. Working with a lot of data and automating calculations from the data team.
    • Providing an API for merchants to send data to.
    • This is a ongoing employment and I add more during my employment
  • Software Engineer, August 2022 - March 2024

    • Zimpler, Göteborg
    • Built integrations between Zimpler and banks. Helped Zimpler become more data-driven by building a data pipeline that reads data from the entire system and filters out unnecessary data, storing the rest in a data warehouse. Developed a new scalable payout system for Zimpler, capable of handling 4-5000 transactions per second without system slowdowns.
  • Software Engineer, Spring 2019 - August 2022

    • Rivercode, Borås
    • Worked on the backend parts of e-commerce websites, connecting front-end to CMS or building product searches on top of Elasticsearch. Launched websites like morrisstockholm.com, axelarigato.com, and vikingfootwear.com. Built a product recommendation system for bangerhead based on customer skin type.
  • Web Developer, Autumn 2017 - Spring 2018

    • Team Property, Stockholm
    • Built and maintained Team Property’s website and managed their social media channels.


  • Go | Rust | Data Warehousing | Scalable Systems | DevOps | Terraform | Google Cloud | AWS | Elasticsearch